Patients reviews

Dr. Song saw me in Aug. He was not very understanding and told me I would not need surgery. He said he would send in more scans and another MRI. I spent months with Dr. In Elko who looked at my MRI saying "we don't know what is the matter." Finally I met someone who could read an MRI. The same MRI of my back showed I had nerve damage. I am also a candidate for surgery. I have been going through so much and his visit was a hope for me. He just made things worse. The exact place on the spine is a direct influence on my numbness. I am very upset I even had to pay him. I am so tired "because I cry and have social awkwardness" of being treated poorly by male doctors. I went through so much loosing my ability to walk. I had to completely find new work and would not recommend him unless you are willing to feed his ego first.

Amy B.

I had surgery with Dr. Song on February 29,2024. My experience was just excellent and I am feeling great. He is wonderful and such a skilled surgeon. He explained everything and treated me with compassion and went above and beyond to get me the help I needed as soon as possible. He is a rock star to me ! I would recommend him to anyone suffering with back and or spine problems.

Valerie G.

Ashley is the best. She explains things so you never leave trying to guess what’s going on. She listens to everything you have to say and is always so patient. She provides great feedback that is clear and understandable. Thank you!!!!

John S.

Ashley was very thorough.

Phyllis L.

Very helpful explaining what I'm going to go through very kind

TuesDay K.

Dr. Song is outstanding. Ashlee is wonderful! All of the staff very good, friendly and caring! Best medical practice I’ve ever been to!

Kenneth A.

Great experience so far.

Melissa P.

Dr. Song and Ashlee were great to work with and they were very thorough. Ashlee was on the ball and answered all my questions.

Laurance L.

I went to Dr. Song with a broken back. He was so empathetic and I felt his compassion because I was in so much pain. Dr. Song had me in surgery the next day. I told him when it comes to doctors, he is my Hero.

Loretta B.

Fine still waiting to see the Dr

Mary H.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Song! When I first came to him years ago, I was in bad shape! He performed 4 surgeries on my neck & back and they have all been successful! He is by far the best Doc I have ever had! I fully trust his expertise along with his awesome staff! Surgery can be scary, but he gave me great relief in pain & reassured me it would all be fine when we were done! Him & his staff are compassionate, kind & very caring! Big TY to all! :)

June M.

Approximately a year and a half ago I had a series of lower back surgeries from a local unnamed Neurosurgeon which left me with a spinal leak, massive daily headaches, continued sciatica and a drain in my back routing spinal fluid to my stomach. In September of this year Dr. Song went in and cleaned up the previous mess, found my spinal leak, repaired it and fused my lower back. He then removed the drain that had been installed to shunt fluid. It's been 3 months since my surgery and I feel like a new man. No more daily headaches, no sore lower back and no sciatica pain. My drain has been removed which has cleared up numerous stomach issues. I highly recommend Dr. Song and his team for any spinal issues you may have. My only regret is that I didn't go to him first!

Shawn S.

Dr. Song and group care and do excellent work.

Gary A.

Always kind and willing to talk to me and go over all my issues I feel comfortable talking to them and I know they are listening I want to thank you for all you do

Robert O.

Rachael Hueftle, Dr. Song's NP is an absolute asset to this practice. She is knowledgeable, extremely hard working, caring beyond what I could have imagined, and gets back to you with answers. She has walked my husband and myself through the myriad of appointments and care and we could not have survived my husband's illness without her assistance. He was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis, which is devastating, and Rachael has been there through each step. Dr. Song's practice is 100% better with Rachael Hueftle's presence. Thank you, thank you.

Sue Z.


Donna G.

Always very helpful for my needs and answers all the questions I might have

Dino L.

Great asset to Dr Songs practice...Ashlee was very caring kind and very knowledgeable Highly recommend 10

Kathleen C.

Staff and Dr.Song always make me feel extremely comfortable and taken care of.

Jason B.

Best doctor around!

Sharmalee G.

Brilliant. First visit. Spotted what other doctors had not. Recommend with confidence.

Scott M.

Still an 8 hour round trip and yes it's still worth it. Ashlee is professional and patient (after all, she does put up with me). Always makes time to fully answer my questions in ways that I understand.

Eric H.

Ashley was very through and answer all my questions.

Kenneth S.

Great visit

Carol G.

I had a good experience was just hoping for more information maybe in time tho I understand I have a different situation going on that’s not common.

Glenn B.

Easy access, long wait,friendly staff

John G.

Great staff. Great service.

Fernando S.


Dale P.

Very informative

Beverly P.

Dr Song and his staff are the best. They make the experience not as scary and actually care.

Jennifer R.

Has been a wonderful experience.

James G.

Ashlee was very helpful in explaining what our options are going forward that we could understand regarding my husband's spinal issues. It was very nice to have a conversation in which we could decide best options available to usl.

Frederick H.

Excelente service, good staff always smiling, very helpful. Ashlee great personality. Dr. Song good excelente doctor, good work, good comunicación and very respectful. Keep a good work n lower the copayment. From 1 to 10 , 10

Pedro C.


Dennis K.

Ashlee is very kind and caring, takes time to listen to me and explain further treatment options.

Louise G.

Thank you for stopping by Ashley always nice to see a bright :-) in the morning I'm very very satisfied with the service that I get from you guys and Doctor song thank you guys so much

Thomas T.

I always have a very positive experience when I have an appointment, and the front office staff is is always really nice and patient when I have to ask them questions.

Vicki T.

I have had neck pain since 1987… so many doctors and chiropractors but my pain returned. When I met with Dr Song we talked about how it would go and decided that I was a good candidate for neck surgery. Night and day is how I describe my pain, from being in pain all the time to absolutely no pain at all!! It’s been almost a year and I am still pain free!!! Thank you Dr.Song for your care and compassion!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Sami N

Margaret N.

We are so thankful that we got to talk with Ashlee. She answered all the questions we had and was very patient, encouraging and informative. We feel confident going ahead with the surgery after our conversation.

Joseph S.

Everyone is nice

Jessica B.

Ashlee is amazing and so attentive to your needs as a patient, nice to have someone who truly listens and goes the extra for the patients. Thank you!!

Chad F.

I was suffering with extreme debilitating nerve pain in both my legs due to stenosis for many years. The pain progressively got worse over the years to the point it was no longer tolerable. When I saw Dr Song he reviewed my MRI with me and showed me where my nerves were being pinched and explained to me how he could relieve my pain in the best non invasive procedure. He preformed a laminectomy and after the surgery I have had zero pain and have continued pain free. Dr Song did an amazing job and his staff has been great! They took the time with me to address my concerns and answered all my questions. I could not be happier with my outcome.

Annette Y.

Excellent , very nice and professional staff , I am putting a lot of trust in Dr. Song

John M.

The surgery went well. I was sent home without Any muscle pain relaxer so once the implant pain relief expired I had to endure a couple of days in excruciating pain before I could get a prescription filled. I have also been dealing with a hematoma as a result of surgery, which has caused a lot of pain also.

Frederick M.

Ashlee was great. She is very thorough and can tell she’s very knowledgeable in her field. She provided amazing care!

Tarrell K.

Great care

Larry P.

Extremely great care. Very professional.

Robert S.

Very pleasant interaction.

Kenneth S.

I have been a patient of Dr Song’s since 2010, have scoliosis, and several other conditions. Dr Song has taken excellent care of me and has completed the most innovative, most effective solution for my surgery's, his care of me before during and after my surgery’s is excellent and extremely caring. His knowledge and expertise is always present in his care of me. I would wait for however long it took to schedule an appointment or surgery with Dr Song, Dr Song staff is always kind and caring even in the time of covid and un know times. Just this month ago in Sep 2023 I was in severe pain, Ashley and Dr Song worked together to get me in to surgery within a few weeks for a endoscopic laminectomy. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you always Dr Song and Staff at Advance neurosurgery Shelis Forant

Shelis F.

When I became sympathetic, I suffered severe muscle loss and weakness in my right arm and chest area. I went to multiple urgent care visits before I established a primary care doctor. After X-rays and a MRI, I was scheduled to see a surgeon regarding the results. The first surgeon suggested surgery. Due to the severity, I sought out a second opinion and was referred by many to Dr. Song’s office. I was seen within a week. Not only was surgery recommended, it was recommended to have surgery sooner than later to avoid permanent nerve damage. Surgery was scheduled for the following week. I underwent a dual level CDR. Surgery was easy and the recovery was even easier. By week two my body had already shown signs of improvement. I was cleared to return to work by week 6 and have had little to no pain or discomfort since surgery.

Nicholas S.

Got the correct information to make the right decision

Michael C.

I had expected to meet Dr. Song but Rachael answered my questions

Joyce M.

I love everyone at this office. Thank you.

Kim W.

Ashlee answered all my questions and listened to all my concerns. I was more than satisfied with my visit.

Charles E.

He's the best.

Judith 'Judy' H.

My resent phone appointment went great. Ashlee was very helpful and professional.

Corey C.

Just the way thay treat you

Scott S.

Ashlee is kind and generous very knowledgeable, she answers all your questions and knowledgeable questions conference with Dr Song to provide me with excellent care. Thank you for all your help and knowledge. Shelis and Richard Forant

Shelis F.

Very polite people Is osboro's day with beautiful The distance we have me and l Elko in reno is hard on me for appointment . His office was how ever did keep in touch and was good to keep I touch with me .. I would be nice if apost appointment was her in Elko

Scott S.

Very pleasant.

James D.

Ashley is amazing. She explained and showed my mri. She made referrals for my issues. Ashley is very knowledgeable and I recommend her highly.

Mary B.

The entire staff has been both cordial and informative, especially Ashlee and Dr Song. Congratulations!

George K.

I was very happy and confident that I was in good hands!

Pamela H.

Dr Song is amazing! This was my fourth back surgery, first with Dr. song and I would not recommend anybody else. His office staff and everybody there has been so helpful. They have literally helped change and save my life!! Thank you so very much!!!

Chad F.

Great to work with.

Casey S.

All of the nurses and doctor are so friendly and caring.

Walter W.

I feel like I’m important as a patient. Everyone in the office makes you feel welcome.

Janet P.


Mark M.

Dr. Song and his staff are very caring and knowledgeable to get me the surgery and post-op care I needed. Today, 2 months past surgery I am without pain and now building up the strength I lost. Thank you so much Dr. Song, Rachel, Ashley, Cameron, Sara and the other staff members that helped me. I AM SO APPRECIATIVE!

Kathy H.

Great experience!

Kevin M.

Ashlee is a doll! I so appreciate her honesty, her great wisdom & professionalism! I have had 3 much needed surgeries with this practice and about to go in for a 4th! Ashlee & Dr. Song & staff always put me at ease before entering into surgery! If your having back pain etc., I highly recommend them! So grateful for them! A++++++ practice!

June M.

Love Ashlee, caring thoughtful and geuine

Catherine T.

Always great.

Nancy J.

Dr Song is great, but I think his front office seems a little confused

Terry P.


Cheryl H.

Friendly and very helpful staff. All my questions were answered with full explanation.

Fernando S.

I appreciate everyone’s kindness when I went to my first appointment. The PA of Dr michael song was super nice and helpful in answering my questions.

Jessica B.

I’ve had 2 sets of shots that didn’t work now I’m waiting for surgery, then I’ll give a better answer

Joseph F.

Truly a GREAT experience, from the staff to Dr Song, everyone makes your feel so comfortable and Dr Song seemed to truly xare about what i was saying and how i wanted to approach my health care, i had been dealing with allot of pain for 8 months, seen multiple doctors, they tried their best so in not saying they were not good, but Dr Songs PA is a god send, she knew EXACTLY where too do the injections, and it took away 75% of my pain, and from a ton of other injections that i had and getting 0%, This is AMAZING!!!!! I know it will probably take just a couple more to be fully or if pain for a while, but having to get in a train, stay the night and get on another train back, just for 30min appointment, WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!

Denise K.

Very freindly.

Shanel P.

Very good communication

Tamesha S.


Ricky M.

Dr Song gave me some options to surgery.

Roland C.

Very good care, long wait time for appointment.

Adrian V.

Excellent care very professional. Best Neurologist , excellent results. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a result oriented physician.

Harold M.

Everyone was helpful. Ashlee was extremely professional and listened to my issues. Highly recommend this office.

Linda F.

Ashley is always interested about how I'm doing. She takes the time to listen and relay all information to Dr.Song.

Michelle C.


James B.

I had a positive experience. Everyone was professional and very knowledgeable

Michael M.

All staff & doctors are very friendly! Great service

Layla L.

Very informative, very interactive, very pleasant Plotted a logical course of action. Totally satisfied with initial meeting.

Patrick F.

Dr song did a disc replacement and a microdeskectomy. Not sure if that is spelled right but he did an amazing job. I was up and walking the day of surgery. I still have mild pain but nothing compared to what I had before and it gets better everytime I have pt. He is a wonderful dr and I highly recommend him

Alora W.

Great care

Rebecca R.

Thank you for all are you doing for me

Jorge P.

Ashlee is amazing and does a great job of looking after the patients.

Lonnie P.

Very professional!

James W.


David N.

I appreciated the empathy and compassion that I felt from Dr. Song about my broken back situation. He has the best bedside manners that I have experienced in a long. He arranged for me to be in surgery early in the morning on the next day after my appointment. Dr. Song ended my 2 1/2 weeks of agony and I can never thank Dr. Song enough. May he be blessed for the man he is.

Loretta B.

Ashlee was encouraging, understanding, and took time to tell me about different options. She is just a very nice and kind person.

Louise G.

Professional, courteous and friendly.

Donald D.

Everyone was nice and caring

Jessica B.

Dr. Song and staff is very thorough, Knowledable and explains everything. Leaves no stone unturned, leaving nothing missed nor surprises in your healing journey. You are in very capable, caring hands with this office. From the front to the back Dr. Song and team are a well experienced and talented force.

Lisa C.

Ashley was professional, proficient and personable. She was thorough in explaining the situation and process for moving forward.

Judith K.

Everyone is professional! Beyond grateful for fixing my sciatic nerve!! And finding my hip issues that have been causing so much pain! Thank you Everyone Especially Ashlee for getting my life back!!

Kristine F.

Thank you for being patient with me and giving me the information I was looking for. Just wish I could get this surgery done and over with sooner!

Carol G.

Everybody associated with my stay and subsequent surgery was incredibly friendly and competent. This very much reduced any anxiety I might have has. All involved in the surgery took the time to come to my pre op room and explain any questions I might have.

Frank B.

Arrive early and the front and back staff got me in early which was great. Ashlee is so good. Very professional, explains things very well and very personable. I would recommend Advanced Neurosurgery to anyone. Thank you to Dr Song for a pain free life. Gordon

Gordon W.


James R.

When I first went to Dr Song in 2012, I could barely lift my arms or walk and was in massive constant pain after having my neck broken in a car accident. My condition worsened over the next couple of years and I cconsulted a number of Dr’s in Nevada, Oregon and California who kept insisting that I’d end up with paralysis. Dr Song took a positive approach and came up with an innovative, intelligent and proactive approach. After surgery, I was and continue to be pain free and I have full movement! Thank you Dr Song for saving my life!

Lewis H.

Very knowledgable of communication among Dr. Song and Dr. Goode. Move forward with SCS testing now. Dr. Song will perform.

Robert S.

I have not had an issue yet the office staff a very friendly bothing Carson in Reno, Dr. song, and Ashley are amazing They are very empathetic and seem to genuinely care about you as a patient I would highly recommend them to anybody

Catherine T.

She is pretty much amazing

Frank A.

Dr. Song did my disc replacement surgery in my neck about a year ago. I am so thankful for him and Ashley as they worked their magic to get my surgery right away. I went to an orthopedic doctor before and the doctor wanted to fuse my entire neck Dr. Song was my second opinion; he said I was a perfect candidate for a disc replacement. Im glad I chose him because the alternative could have been much worse.

Stephanie K.

I thought Dr Song was very informative and explained why we needed more tests before he could give me an informative diagnosis.

Alice W.

Everyone was great especially the doctor, I couldn’t ask for a more pleasant and caring person.

David C.

Very caring, professional service!

Sherri G.

All the Drs and staff at Advanced neurosurgery are very friendly and always willing to help and talk about all issues. We are pleased with Dr Song and his associates at this practice. John has frustrating issues with work comp and the time it takes to get anything done but it has nothing to do with the Drs office. Thank you, John Goller

John G.

Helpful and open minded staff.

Jay P.

Dr Song and his staff provide excellent care and follow up with you after your procedures

Cynthia D.

I have had neck pain for a few years before I was finally able to have surgery. I saw Dr. Song, we set a surgery date for January 17,2023. After surgery and 5.6,&7 fused I have had absolutely no pain whatsoever. This may sound far fetched but hand to God I am so thankful for Dr. Song! I will sing his praises and recommend him to anyone who will listen!

Margaret N.

I have been dealing with a bulging disc that caused sciatica pain that my life miserable. The first time I went to Dr Song he saw how much pain I was in and personally reached out to physicians to make sure he got me scheduled for an epidural that same day. We chose to try Physical Therapy over surgery which didn’t fix my back pain. I received a second shot to hold off the pain until I could have surgery. Dr Song performed a Laminectomy two weeks ago today, I have been walking daily since surgery and seem to be improving daily. The incisions were tiny and painless and my ongoing recovery has been life changing. I have friends that are suffering from chronic back pain, who are reluctant or afraid to have back surgery. Don’t listen to the horror stories of past surgeries years ago, the process was far less intrusive than laying flat in a vehicle and driving two hours to see Dr Song on my initial visit.

John C.

Fantastic except for pain. Jeff said might help back for a day or two. No pain in left foot for first time in years. Surgery pain not good. My las full of pain med insurance co reduced to 3/day instead of 4 . Mullen’s office was working on fixing it so I stupidly used 4/day thinking I would get 30 more pills to last the month. Ran out day before surgery. No excuse. My fault. Pain should subside over next few days. Nothing to do with your office. Thanks for doing a great job. See you next week

Robert K.

The entire staff is very caring. We felt so much better after our visit.

Bart H.

The whole staff is outstanding, I just adore Ashley she is an awesome lady , Dr song is my hero for the first time in 40 years I have no back pain

Philip R.

excellent service, they took care of my problem

Darold K.

EXCELLENT Knowledgeable, professional, caring, great interpersonal skills, and a great staff. My experience could not have been better- from beginning to recovery from surgery!

Allison B.

Dr, Song Listen very close to me did not brush me off and with his help will have me back to being myself again this is the2nd time. that he's has come to the rescue for me. I bless him and ALL OF THE STAFF for the care and understanding that they give to us all.

Melissa C.

It was professional, informative & very friendly. Your group makes a very relaxed experience.

Kathryn P.

All the providers in this office are absolutely fantastic!! I can personally say that they ALL go the extra mile in the care of and for their patients. They are a dream team offering everything from pain management, conservative spinal treatments and surgery. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and the care I received.

Sarah D.

My experience was very informative. I had some images taken recently, via CT scan & XRAYS. Ashlee the PA went over them explaining what they were showing. I have never had a doctor explain thinga to me as throughly as Ashlee did. This was the first time I have been to this office. Everyone was so kind and made me feel as though they really knew me. You bet I will refer them to others.

Maurine B.

Kind and thorough staff. My insurance denied my sleep apnea test because of lack of information. Aetna told me to have you send more detailed information. Thank you in advance

Joan K.

Visit was professional and Ashlee knowledgeable about my situation. Looking forward to getting relief from my problem.

Mark J.

Very understanding, Able to zero in on my particular problem.

Erin S.

Very excellent. Dr. Song took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions.

Phyllis A.

Excellent Doctor

Juan P.

Just beginning my adventure but so far so good

Jeffrey D.

Dr. Song implanted a spinal stimulator. It was a very professional surgery. I’m thankful

William R.

It was a long wait on this visit but the visit was good and Polkinghorn is very good.

Laurie V.

Doctor Song explained problem and options in words we understood plus on how to help with my diagnosis. Doctor never made me feel he was in a rush. After my surgery he talked to my husband explained all he did. Once again he didn’t feel rushed to move on. The office staff is friendly, patience, helpful and kind. Definitely made the right choice on treatment and my primary Doctor definitely recommended the right Doctor!

Cynthia H.

The kindness everyone showed from scheduling, questions, more questions. I felt they never seemed upset or wanted to end questions and end the call. Doctor Song explaining problem, options, where the diagnosis is headed. He was very professional, confident, and showed compassion. Sensitive to what I was feeling. Surgery day he explained what to expect once they took me to operating room. After surgery was done he went out to update my husband. Husband said he Explained everything so he could understand. Doctor Song never made him feel he was rushing through the explanation on surgery. Wonderful kind man and excellent beside manners. Thank you to Doctor Song and all of his staff

Cynthia H.

Dr. Song is an excellent surgeon who CARES about his patients. I was impressed with the office follow and and Dr. Song’s follow up after surgery.

Bryan D.

Great Doctor and Ashley is a great pa

Linda (Ann) F.

Two words " Prayers Answered "

John B.

My problems

Manuela P.

Ashley the P.A., Dr. Song, and the staff have been great. I feel comfortable with the care I have received. I would definitely and have already recommended them to others.

Kathleen L.

Very good a little more explanation on my current condition would have been good.

Darrell O.

I left the appointment encouraged for what comes next. Dr Song talked thru everything he was thinking which made me feel I was taking part in the process.

Jacqueline P.

Very excited to finally find Doctors and associates that want to help me!!! Very grateful! Can’t wait for my procedure!

Becky S.

I would not trust anyone else with my neck and back!

Aljean M.

Good visit and Dr. Song who proposed an action plan to relieve my pain. He has given me hope for the future. Thank you Dr. Song.

Patricia T.

The procedure that was performed went as smoothly as one could imagine which resulted in zero pain as a result. Thank you to Dr Song, staff and all that were involved in my surgery for being treated with respect and kindness in a very professional manner.

Gordon W.

Several years ago my wife was recommended to Dr. Song for major back problems she had suffered for years. Dr. Song took care of her and she is now pain free. So now it was my turn to suffer with back pain so I went to see Dr. Song, I have only had one visit but the doctor continues to impress me, he is obviously top of his profession, caring and thorough. He has done several tests and has told me that he will try to contain my back pain without surgery but will perform it if he feels that it is necessary at a later date.

Richard F.

Doctor was straight, up front and honest.

Debbie G.

I’ve been seeing dr song since 2013 he is absolutely amazing I trust him & his staff with there knowledge Dr Song is a talented gifted doctor

Gary P.

Front office very professional. Doctor's assistant very friendly and professional. Dr. Song is always the best; informative, friendly and the ultimate professional.

Gary F.

The staff are friendly and professional. Ashley is a wonderful physician assistant!!

Steven S.

Dr Song and Dr Polkinghorn have been awesome, my last visit they were able to get me into the pain specialist immediately for a shot, and i feel great, best i have felt in 8 months. Their staff is wonderful to work with and have been a great help in making sure everything goes smoothly. GREAT JOB...cpro1

Curt P.


Douglas M.

Other than surgery being later in the day, everyone and everything was great.

Benjamin T.

Ashlee is super nice and helpful she explain everything I need it for my pain

Linh N.

Happy that the good doctor consults with my physical therapist!

Barbara B.

Making the appointment was a little challenging, but once I got in the staff was pleasant and Dr. Song’s as always was thorough, thoughtful, and very friendly.

Mary M.

Ashley was incredible. She was thorough and explained in detail what was goin on with my back and I’m the type to ask a lot of questions. I’m super thankful to the answers received.

Rachel O.

This office is always kind and patient with me from the front office, Ashlee and Dr. Song.

Tracy C.

It was great.

Mark M.

Very thorough employees and always pleasant everytime I come in or call the practice!

Jennifer B.

Polite, intelligent people who dealt with me in a positive professional manner. Answered all my question and established a plan of action for me. Thanks!!

Allen B.

I have had 2 surgeries now with Dr. Song and I highly recommend him! Dr. Song & Ashley -his PA are amazing Doctors! Their care & concern mean the world to me! Any time I had a concern or problem, they always tried to find the answer. I believe Dr. Song is an excellent surgeon and very knowledgable. The staff is amazing too! Thank you for all you do!

June M.

Thank you for being thorough. Yes, your suggestions that my symptoms, bloodwork point towards anklyosing spondylitis and that I might want to reconsider daily NSAID's, follow up with my doctor and a rhuemotoligist helpful for what to do about the constant inflammation and pain in my butt!

Christina M.

Ashlee was very kind and personable. Awesome experience. Thank you Ashlee.

Beau C.

Simply the BEST!! Nobody better!! Thank you all!!

Tim J.

Very helpfull and explaining every thing in detail so you under stand what is going on. Answers all questions you have about your conditions

Stephen H.

Dr. Song listened and took me seriously

Kathryn R.

Dr. Song and his staff are really amazing. I feel very fortunate that he will be doing my surgery.

Lonnie P.

Met with Dr Song, had 5,6,&7 fused with a plate and start to finish it was a great experience and it worked!!! No more pain in my neck!!!

Margaret N.

Very caring staff and very knowledgeable dr!!

Beth S.


Deborah A.

Had family and friends use this practice. All swear by Dr. Song and his staff!

Barbara B.

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Diane M.

She was very informative and kind. Sense of humor and extremely easy to talk to Wonderful experience thank you

Nancy N.

Ashlee is very professional but at the same time is very approachable with any questions or concerns I have had with my procedure.

Leland J.

Very good visit. Important matters discussed, handled thoroughly and professionally.

Zsolt R.


John W.


Karl T.

Very knowledgeable and informative staff,

Tony S.

Friendly and helpful. Great people!

John T.

Ashley explained everything with patience and took plenty of time. I feel she was very understanding what I was going through.

Joseph F.

I had spinal fusion on my L4/L5 vertebrae and 2 disk replacements on my C5-C7. Dr. Song did an excellent job. My neck healed a lot quicker than my back but wasn’t as invasive. The healing process for me wasn’t as bad as everyone expected. I would recommend Dr. Song for any neurosurgeries anyone would need. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. If I ever need neurosurgery again I will definitely have him do my surgeries.

Jessica H.

Dr.Song and his staff are outstanding!!!!

Kenneth A.

It's good to get true information without sugarcoating, I appreciate that. Thanks to A.N.

Gordon W.

Very professional

Gary C.

Ashley was great with her description and knowledge of my problem leg and back did not see Dr. song long enough to make an opinion as he is a professional neurosurgeon most surgeons don’t seem to have the time to sit down and talk regarding all your problems

Edward S.

I Started this journey with severe nerve pain in my neck back around 2019, Surgery was scheduled for February of 2020, But as life is it got way to busy, So I had to postpone surgery, I did pretty well for a couple of years but then I’m October of 2022 it became very evident that I was out of options, So I again called advanced neurosurgery and got an appt with Dr Song and his PA Ashlee, I can say from the bottom of my heart Ashlee, Dr. Song, Cameron, Jolie, Cheyenne , are the most caring gentle souls I’ve have had the pleasure to meet. These folks took care of my concerns , All the red tape that goes along with being off work FMLA, Short term disability, Cameron and Jolie handled like champs, As for Surgery and Dr. Song there is none better, he saw what needed to be done and took care of it, always concerned for my well being my healing my recovery really my life after surgery of C4-C7 . I cannot say enough about Him, his PA Ashlee

Thomas B.

She was extremely through and knowledgeable. You can sense her sincerity and best care options for the patient.

Alma S.

Very attentive, and helpful. Really good experience. Results that exceeded my expectations.

Judson M.

Dr Song is a lifesaver!!! Was in a ton of constant pain. Barely could stand after a work day with tons of nerve pain. Was quick to assess the problem, gave a modern solution and scheduled surgery very fast. Walked into house unassisted after surgery and felt better almost immediately. Standing straight as can be with all nerve pain gone. Absolutely Incredible. Beyond thankful for my pain free life again.

Jonathan J.


Scott F.

Ashlee takes time to listen, I never feel rushed, and she definitely cares about how I am feeling. Hoping she and Dr. Song can find a successful treatment for my back.

Louise G.

Great doctor and staff.

Frank T.

Dr. Song is one of the best Doctors

Layla L.

Staff is so nice and explains everything you need to know.

John N.

was very informative and gave me all the info I needed

Dino L.

Always very friendly and thorough.

Sheila L.

I was very impressed with Advanced Neurosurgery the level of professionalism and their ability to explain it in a way to make me feel comfortable with the right treatment plan. Reading and understanding an MRI to me is unclear on my own, the PA and Dr. Song were able to explain what was going on and what can be done to alleviate that pain. I feel like I am in good hands in their care.

Michael W.

Excellent doctor and well trained, supportive staff.

Bruce V.

Dr Song had been the only one that I had worked with so closely in the past but Ashlee was very thorough and took time with me to explain all that was wrong. Of course I would recommend your office to others and I do.

Tawnja F.

Good information provided. Looked for non-surgical solutions.

Mark H.

I can't say how *TRULY* grateful I am to have met with Ashlee Polkinghorn for my appointment! I felt like Ashlee Polkinghorn listened and really cared about my health and well-being. Everyone at this office is SO KIND AND AMAZING!! I'm SO THANKFUL to each and everyone of you!!!

Amanda B.

Ashlee was very knowledgeable and made my visit a pleasant experience. I felt as though I mattered. Never did I feel rushed she was very patient. I'd recommend your office for anyone who has the need for your services.

Monica T.

Doctor Song is exelent

Henrik S.

Office staff very welcoming and professional- even so on the phone before meeting the first time. PA took a great deal of time to go over findings and explained everything in great detail. Also showed great compassion and understanding about what I was going through. I left with feeling of being understood but more importantly with a plan of action! What a relief a plan can have over state of mind!!

Lee P.

Very pleasant, Ashlee listened to my concerns and offered professional advice.

Deborah A.

Very professional with a staff genuinely interested in helping the patients pain issues.

Frank B.

Dr song professional very nice. His reception staff was disgusting. I believe Cheyenne was her name. She ate at her desk, licked her fingers, coughed in her hand and was handing things off to patients. With Covid going around this makes me very nervous about my visit.

Heather C.

Song is super excellent. He pays attention, is friendly and gets right down to brass tacks. He studies the images intently, asks some questions, does a few "hands-on" tests and then clearly outlines his recommendation. He is a top-notch no-nonsense specialist whose goal is to do the best he can for the patient. And his best is really "the best". He's a onderfully skilled surgeon.

Erik V.

Friendly knowledgeable staff

Julie W.

Dr Song and the ladies are professional, kind and caring.

Steven S.


Christy D.

Miss Polkinghorn listens to your concerns then tries to come up with a plan of attack that addresses the concerns you have. There may be more tests to have done to get to the source of the issue. Her and the staff actually spend time with you, no assembly line medicine in this office, your treated as the person you are.

Steven G.

As always everyone is very professional and always has time to listen.

Connie R.

Spinal fusion surgery and recovery went very well. Goin in for disk replacement on my neck in a few days. Dr. Song is a Great surgeon.

Jessica H.

fast and complete follow up appointment

Dennis J.

Very well cared for. Early morning Follow up after surgery. Well explained procedure done and future care.

Mark B.

did a great job

Darold K.

Dr. Song is brilliant! I have had 3 surgeries with him and each has turned out amazing! Very professional & friendly office! Ashley- Dr. Songs PA is also awesome! Very compassionate & caring! I highly recommend Dr. Song. Best surgeon any where!!

June M.

All staff very nice, Dr Song is great trying to get me by until surgery is needed

Steven C.

From the office staff to the MA to Dr. Song my experience was excellent. Everyone is pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. It was especially nice to have a doctor that I can relate to and that explains everything in detail. I felt comfortable placing my care in the hands of advanced neurosurgery.

Allison B.

Dr Song is a terrific surgeon. And I'm glad he was there when I needed him.

Lois F.

Ashley is prepared, thourough and kind. I feel comfortable when discussing my health with her. Thank you Ashley. I have not had a bad experience with Dr. Song, or any person on his team.

Michael C.

Ashley and everyone else in the office at Advanced Neurosurgery have gone above and beyond to make sure all of my questions are answered and my treatment plan goes as smooth as possible. She even took time to speak with me about an abnormality on my MRI that is unrelated to the problems I’ve been having with my spine and pointed me in the right direction to have that issue addressed as well. I highly recommend anyone with spine issues to speak with the staff at Advanced Neurosurgery, they will take excellent care of you.

Tina S.

I have much respect for Dr. Song for his professionalism. I just wish I could spend more time with him to go over specifics regarding my spine I will see him in three months and I hope we can get confidence in my spine for the future And learn about my disabilities today Thanks Ed Schuyler

Edward S.

Loved the PA taking her time and explaining everything to me

Cindy C.

Great Ashlee took the time to answer all my questions clearly and patiently.

Thomas D.

Ashley was an excellent communicator covering both my Cat Scan results and my general back pain issues. I will be back if my level of pain worsens.

George B.

Overall great experience . Discussion was very informative and the back and forth between x-ray/MRI views, explanations, and confirmation testings was helpful to my understanding. I look forward to another productive visit. Zsolt Rosta

Zsolt R.

Friendly. Caring. Staff amazing

Catherine T.

I appreciated the time Ashley took in listening to my concerns and questions. As always she was thorough in her answers which were directed to me and not “at” me. Very professional and authentic.

Deborah W.

Great staff and excellent doctor very well respected and trusted in the medical community.

William F.

I love Ashlee. I trust her. She listens, compassionate, detailed and always looks for solutions. I have a laundry list of issues and know I am in the best of hands.

Aljean M.

Doing their best to help me out.

Scott F.

4:15 pm: I just woke up. Feeling sore in the front hip, one of the areas where the majority of my pain settled pre surgery. I’m optimistic that once the initial healing is over I’ll have good results. After a year of excessive pain it’s difficult to imagine being pain free.

Gillian F.

Dr Song and Ashley were very thorough and got xray orders and an appt within the hour! At tha appointment, he did a great job of explaining all possibilities, and other tests to verify the areas of concern. He genuinely seemed to want to take the time to figure out my issues. I didn't feel rushed at my appointment, and was seen within minutes of arrival

Becky D.

I was heard. Kinda rare these days.

Andrew A.

Great staff

April W.

Ashlee spend plenty of time to answer and explain the plan of care.

Araceli M.

I really like Dr. Song. But sometimes the scheduling leaves a little to be desired. I was requested by his office to reschedule an appointment for earlier in the week. I told the scheduler that I had an appointment immediately after the time slot that she wanted to move me to, so I had to be seen on time for it to work. I showed up for the appointment and my need to be seen on time had not been passed along to the front desk. However, Dr. Song saw me immediately upon me bringing my scheduling issue to his staffs’ attention.

Noel L.

The front desk staff were very friendly and my 1st meeting with the Dr was stressless and I felt at ease.

Tina S.

Everyone was very pleasant

Donna C.

Professional. Friendly

Karl T.

Great service. Very friendly and professional

Chris C.

Didn't have to wait long and Dr Song is so wonderful, an excellent doc with a great bedside manner!

Courtney H.

It was good. Front desk nurses were nice and helpful and the Physicians Assistant, Ashlee was thorough and knowledgable

Laurie V.

Answered my questions and consulted with Dr. Song on some of them. I am lookin g fodwarf to being a able to talk again soon with a referral.

Gail D.

My experience with Dr Song is always positive. He understands that I am not one to have a surgery just to have a surgery. I appreciate that 100%. Thank You Dr, Song

Beverley A.

Dr Song and Dr Polkington are excellent,they have a super wonderful staff,highly recommend them.

Curt P.

Dr. Song is so awesome! Explains everything you can understand and cares about your problems.

Jenny N.

I have complete confidence in Dr Song and his staff, they are the best.

Margo C.

Pues el doctor fue muy buena jenta y amable

Carlos H.

Dr. Song and staff are the best. Dr. Song got to my surgery fast, didn't have to wait. Surgery totally stopped my disc pain. My recovery has been fast. I couldn't ask for better relief from the pain. So very thankful.

Randy R.

Allways professional. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Karl T.

Answered all my questions. Seemed compassionate and professional. Allowed a phone appointment as I have a long drive. Very grateful!

Georgia G.

Very kind and informative! Spent a great deal of time explaining the back problem. Thank you Ashlee!

Leonard P.

Ashlee was very thorough and is good with people

Margaret N.

I have been a patient of Dr. Song for almost 6 years now. When I first came to him because of my deteriorating discs he was genuinely wanting to help me. He did that with surgery. I will be forever grateful to him for that and for setting me up with a fantastic physical therapist.

Sandra M.

The staff, Ashlee and Dr Song are wonderful. As busy as Dr. Song’s practice is, I feel they take the time to listen and answer my questions. I don’t feel rushed in and out. My resent neck and back surgeries have been successful, still in recovery on both. I would highly recommend anyone struggling with back pain come to Advanced Neurosurgery.

Kathleen L.

Excellent communication from Dr Song and a very professional and friendly staff.

Michael M.

Dr. Song is amazing. He makes you feel very comfortable, and the staff is also amazing, and very friendly.

Valerie S.

everthing went well all my question were answered

Ronnie N.

Dr. Song and his staff are very caring and compassionate.

Kenneth P.

Great after surgery care.... answers all questions. Thank you Doctor Song!

Barbara M.

Ashlee is always thorough, helpful, and willing to answer any question or concerns I may have. Glad to have her as my PA-C

John M.

Everyone in the office is professional but most of all caring. I can’t say enough about Dr. Song - he is the best as not only a surgeon but as a caring doctor.

Linda H.

Post surgical i developed an issue that startled Dr Song. He followed this very thoroughly and corrected it to the satisfaction of all. He is committed to the best outcome

Terry M.

Ashlee has been nothing less than professional, kind and straightforward with me. She is open to questions and clearly answers them in plain terms I can understand. I know this office is extremely busy and I have been happy to have their services available to me.

Kathleen L.

The best

Josefa D.

Very good office and wonderful doctor

Kevin M.

Dr Song provided me with options and went above and beyond to see that I would be taken care of prior to leaving Reno saving me a five hour drive back to Reno

John C.

Courtesy and professional

Karl T.

Everyone was so nice and very helpful. They were patient when I didn’t understand something to do with my care.

Vicki T.

Ashley always helps me. Listens and gives me time, as a professional refers,directs and solves. The office is also professional and friendly,helpful. Good experience all around.

Cathy V.


Brenda K.

Ashlee was wonderful and kind! She even loves my service dog Sugar

Maelyn H.

Dr. Song and his staff are what medicine is all about. They are caring and loving people Dr.Song is a great surgeon and i for one am great-full to be a patient of his. He has helped me to get through this life with a little Les pain. I t is a good feeling to know he will be there for me in the future. I would like wish a heart filed thank you to Dr song and his staff. Great people Daryl Smith

Daryl S.

Wonderful experience very well staffed with wonderful people who there for for me at every turn. they gave me the feeling that they really cared for my wellbeing and helped me to get me through this surgery. I did not like fact my wife had sit outside in the car with 100 degree heat that was hard for her. I would like to thank everyone on the staff for a wonderful caring experience. Thanks to you all Daryl

Daryl S.

Dr. Song is very easy to understand and seemed to really care about me. I feel confident about my upcoming surgery

Jenny N.

Dr. Song has made my life so much better!! My issues with my back started in early 2019. I was suffering with very high pain levels (10 out of 10) going down the outside of my left leg. I was originally treated for IT-band syndrome. When the treatment was not relieving the pain, an MRI was ordered. The MRI showed the problem was with my back not my IT Band. After one of my visits to the Emergency for the pain, they referred me to a neurosurgeon clinic. The results of that visit made me very uncomfortable as the treatment recommended was extreme and would require a lot of time off after surgery. I was referred to Dr. Song by one of his patients. After meeting with the PA and then Dr. Song it was decided that we could take conservative approach to my issue that would not require a significant amount of down time as my job required me to travel. Dr. Song performed a Microdiscectomy/ Laminectomy and that was very successful and held the pain off for about 2-1/2 years. The fall of last year I was starting to experience pain again in multiple areas of my leg. I contacted Dr. Song’s office. It was time to go for the “big” spinal fusion surgery. I cannot say enough about the quality of care and the skill of Dr. Song. When I went in for my pre-op appointment, he explained in detail what was going to be done, why, and what my expectations should be after surgery. While I am still in recovery, my pain is gone and I am so very grateful for the results that I am experiencing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Song and would highly recommend anyone experiencing back issues to consult with him first, get a second opinion if it is necessary but, definitely have him perform the surgery!! Thank you, Dr. Song!!!

Barbara M.

Excellent job on my surgery.

Wanda B.

I saw Ashlee today and really felt she listens to me when I Describe my pain, she didn’t dismiss what I was explaining to her and was very compassionate, she explained my options with much knowledge. I would highly recommend seeing Ashlee. Thank you Ashlee. Shelis Forant

Shelis F.

I felt like treated as a person am in lot of pain and completely comfortable like being at home with Ashlee! Explain really well and seem really knowledgeable.

Maelyn H.

I want to thank Dr. Song and all the staff at Advanced Neurosurgery. I feel better than I have in years. Prior to the surgery, the pain was debilitating. It's been 6 months since the surgery and I am great! Thank you for a new lease on life. Dr. Song is a very skilled surgeon and I'm glad he was mine. The Physician Assistants were very knowledgeable and kind and the rest of the staff helped so much navigating me through.

Rani R.

Ashlee was great at stepping right into my treatment taking over for a different staff member.

Lawrence P.

As serious as my condition is, I have total confidence in the care received by Dr Song and staff. I have been a patient of Dr Song since 2008/2009. This time around has been difficult, having said that, many years later I am back due to falls playing with our dogs & Aging. It may take time to heal this time around. Looking forward to being my normal self soon.

Alice H.

Wonderful and knowledgeable staff

Beth T.

All my questions were answered, why I came

Allen C.

very informative about proposed procedure.

Charles G.

Dr. song was very nice and talked to both of us. He ordered new tests for me .

Daun W.

No one likes hospitals. With that being said, dr. Song is the best!! After surgery, I got up to walk and ALL pain was gone!! I cried, I was so happy!! I would recommend Dr. Song and his staff anytime. Special kudos to Jolie (surgery scheduler) this lady should get a bonus! She worked above and beyond to see that this surgery happened!

Lynn Q.

I experienced a back injury and my left leg went numb and I could barely walk.I went and visited Dr. Songs office after the injury and they got me in ASAP for a procedure. Right after surgery I felt all my symptoms gone instantly. Took me a little under a week to start feeling no pain from the actual surgery and I’ve been great ever since. Definitely a life changer. My injury literally flipped my world upside down and I couldn’t do anything until I went to Dr. Song. Him and his team literally changed my life after the surgery

Bryce T.

very good service, friendly staff

Darold K.

Doctor Song has done my back surgery 12 years ago and now after I had another back injury he is doing another one. I would never go to anyone else. He the best. I have been disabled for almost 30 year and seen many doctors over that time. Doc Song is the only one that I’d go to for help in getting back to pain free life.

Chuck R.

Ashlee Polkinghorn, PA-C was so great and so knowledgeable with all of my medical information. She was a joy, and put my nerves at ease.

Courtney H.

Dr song was great I would have given five stares but getting an appointment was too far out

Terry P.

We've been with Dt. Song since 2006. We trust him completely.

Wanda B.

Major Back surgery everyone explained what they were going to do. and I have the most confidence in each one of the Drs. Dr. Song gets the job of putting my back together and he and Ashley are fantastic Thank you Dr Song and Ashley Sincerely Tim and Kerrilynn Cooper

Kerri C.

Allways professional

Karl T.

When I called to see Dr. Song and Ashlee, to consult about my low back pain, they stated they had never seen a back so healthy with a missing disk that had 98% pinched off my spinal cord. After surgery he stated that I was less than two weeks from diapers and a wheel chair for the remainder of my life. His care and Ashlee’s care and bedside manner were top notch. My wife said he took time after surgery to sit with her and answer all her questions. When I went to the hospital for surgery I could not stand and needed help to walk. At my 6 week post op appointment I was released 100% to go live life to the fullest. I no longer have any pain, numbness or tingling in my leg.

Timothy A.

I am extremely happy with the care that I received.

John H.

I want to thank you Dr.Song for saving me from a life of pain and suffering. When I met him I was scared and unsure of my injury! He explained everything to it's fullest detail and took excellent care of me!! He IS the best doctor I have ever met!! You will always be in my heart!

Deborah K.

Listen to patient input

Kathy B.

Excellent introduction to Dr Song

Arlene D.

Dealing with some post surgery issues but Ashlee has been on top of getting things resolved.

William L.

I was very pleased with my First visit with Dr. Song and his staff. Dr. Song was very Engaged with us and explaining everything with his Finding from my MRI for over a hour, which my Wife and I felt very comfortable after Dr. Song walk us through every step moving forward.. This will be my very first neck surgery which I'm little nervous about but after meeting with Dr. Song I know we have made the right choice with him and his staff.

Wade E.

Dr. Song is the consummate professional. He is a wealth of knowledge and put me at ease by describing the medical situation and then suggesting several treatment options. Our family has been blessed by previous intervention by Dr. Song and I am delighted to again be able to benefit from his expertise and years of experience. Rob Scanland

Robert S.

I feel like Ashlee really listens to me when I tell her about my pain, and does not dismiss it like other doctors have. It is always nice to see Ashlee as she is friendly and competent. I would highly recommend seeing her.

Katherine W.

It is easy to write a good review when the pain is finally gone right after surgery, as of today in 2022 it has been 14 years since my surgery, but the whole story is worth finally telling. I’m a granite installer who blew out my back so bad I could not walk and the pain was so severe I wanted to die, my brother and wife carried me to the ER and it was there I met Dr Song. He came to my ER bed around 9pm after performing brain surgery all day! I had no insurance and knew he didn’t have to take me as a patient. As I was basically begging him to help me with the promise that I would pay him, though it would take time, his words to me were “ let’s first get you better then we can talk money”. True to his word The Next Morning! I was under his skillful hands. It turned out that not only did I have blown disks I had other congenital abnormalities. He fixed them all and I have not had pain since the day I came out of surgery ( just normal aches and pains from working) and I have not stopped working to this day I’m 58 years old and I thank The Lord for providing such a loving, caring physician You are truly the best Dr Song and my heartfelt thank you goes even deeper for your generosity. Brian

Brian F.

There is no other surgeon I would trust more to make the right decision for my recovery.

Stanley H.

Very professional and hopeful!

Douglas M.

All the staff at Advanced Neurosurgery at both locations have always been so helpful and great listeners with a plan for attack on my ailments. Love them!

Tracy C.

As always, excellent care!

Sherry N.

We discussed my recent procedure and decided pt was needed. I got the rx within a few hours. All great.

Ralph W.

I am so grateful for Advanced Neurosurgey for all they have done to give me a better quality of life. Looking forward to my fusion surgery to get to the next step of a painless day.

Toni M.

Ashlee is enthusiastic ,knowledgeable, friendly, and very thorough and patient when explaining ckarts, test results, options. etc. She epitomizes the word professional. Ashlee has a warm and ingratiating personality and rate an A+ in all categories!

Arthur L.

I was very impressed with Dr. Song and his office staff. Dr. Song took the time to address all the questions and concerns that I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Song.

Lori C.

Ashlee was Very knowledgeable and explained everything very well.

Leland M.

Dr. Song is a talented Surgeon who cares for his patient and has a gentile bedside manner and a dedicated and caring staff.

John N.

I was happy to hear a Doctor say "they will fix me".

Donna R.

Excellent bedside manner and understood everything they explained to me.

Gina P.

So far very pleased with outcome

Charles M.

Very informative and helpful with understanding whats going on with you.

Roy C.

Very informative I was pleased with Ashlee’s explanation of my MRI and the recommendation for an epidural with a referral.

Nancy F.

Dr Song listened to my wife and I about my problem and was very patient with us. We came up with what I think is the best solution to my problem.

Jeffrey L.

Very friendly and on point. Very helpful

Curt P.

Dr. Song did an excellent job of explaining the current situation with my neck with both X-rays and physical props. He spent an hour with me answering questions and now knows the history of my two skiing accidents and the surgery involved with the first one that occurred 17 years ago

Gregory S.

Ashlee explained things well

Steven S.

Very happy with the staff and care I have received.

John H.

Been going here for over 10 years and wouldn't trust my spine to anyone other then Dr Song and his staff.

Meri S.

Everyone has been. Wry helpful and pleasant.

Jane A.

Dr Song is wonderful and I am alive today thanks to him.

Charles C.


Gary P.

Daryn explained things to me and I felt more informed. We discussed options including another back surgery but understood that I wanted to hold off unless the back pain got worse.

Pamela V.

Tried earlier. It din't work on my iPhone. Am trying on my desk top just now and it's working just fine. My visit of course, was exemplary It's perhaps unfortunate that you have to fish for good experience feedbacks. You and your staff have been always pleasant and pleasingly professional.

Robert M.

I have been a patient for over 15 years and have had 5 surgeries by Dr. Song. I wouldn’t trust anyone else! I’m preparing for another one and have full confidence that it will be a success as my others have been. A big thank you to Dr Song and Ashley! Love you both!

Kim B.

This is the best Physicians office I have ever been to! They are all friendly, caring, prompt & just flat awesome! Dr. Song is amazing! Has performed 1 surgery in me so far & all went wonderful! He is professional & also very caring & considerate! Highly recommend!! Thank you for helping me so much!

June M.

They really listened to how I was progressing after my back surgery. Gave me good info for my current ongoing progression towards healing too. Good people here!

Brian T.

She was very professional and knowledgeable

Carolina H.

Excellent care. I'm having an amazing recovery.

Sherry N.

You guys are great over there and you have a great Dr Song he does great work and the girls are so sweet

Frank B.

Very professional and compassionate.

Catherine M.

After a major neck surgery, doctor Song already has my complete trust and appreciation. Then because of weather conditions, I missed another appointment to discuss my lower back problems. I called them and told them about it and they got back to me very quickly and made another appointment for the very next day. They got me in right on time I was seeing promptly. They made sure I thoroughly understood the proposed procedure. I was done and out of there within 20 minutes. You just can't beat that.

Gary O.

Thank you to an incredible team of caring professionals, for helping me through this medical journey.

Gianna J.

Dr Song is amazing

David P.

Most friendliest places

Soon D.

Very friendly and professional

Anne M.

Knowing that I’m being taken care of and the sincerity of the staff puts me at peace

Kurt S.


Colleen B.

On Dec. 13th, I had a follow-up appointment with Ashlee Polkingham, and we discussed the pain I had in my left knee. She went over the X Ray and MRI that was done on my lower back prior to this appointment. She advised me that there may be a problem with my knee that was not related to my back. She recommended that I get an X Ray of my knee, and referred me to Nevada Orthopedic. Ashlee was very thorough and answered all my questions. I was very satisfied with her thorough explanations and her professionalism.

Michael D.

Very informative and professionally

Feliciano H.

Everyone is very helpful

Alan J.

Delightfull experience, Ashley was very patient and helpful with our questions and concerns. I felt she was very knowledgeable with the MRI explanations and explained them completely. Also Cheyenne on the front desk was very helpful and friendly with us.

Michael C.

Professional, caring, answer all questions. I felt like the provider was with me for as long as I needed. Great care. I couldn’t be more happy with the experience with all staff

Norma K.

PA Michael was very thorough, listened carefully to me, and agreed to order.the test and imaging needed.

Richard L.

Ashley was very pleasant. She explained things very throughly and really was positive about helping me with my chronic Back pain.

Pamela T.


Mary B.

Dr. Song is an exceptional physician, and he should be very proud of his office staff and PA (Mychael). They all do justice to the exceptional practice of Dr. Song.

Glenn S.

Office staff was very friendly and efficient. The visit with the PA (Mychael) was also a positive experience. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. Dr. Song should be proud of his team.

Glenn S.

My experience with Mychael was wonderful & I felt she was was thorough & informative. What confused me though, was when she said I had scoliosis, so they needed more X-ray’s of my full back/hips. I thought my severe pain from worsening scoliosis, was the reason I was referred to Dr. Song in the first place. Did Dr. Richardson not mention I have worsening scoliosis?

Candice O.

I always feel heard when voicing concerns or just giving feed back about my condition. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon and staff.

Carlie M.

Great care!

Sarah M.

Everyone was very professional and I didn't have to wait to be seen. PA Ashlee was through in her review of my case and while this was the first-time I saw her she understood my case history.

Shane T.

The PA that I saw was extremely patient with all of the questions and concerns that I had.

Hannah C.

She was so efficient and professional and at the same time caring. One of the best care givers we have met in this long journey back to good health. Thank you so much.

Alana L.

Very kind, understandable and helpful

Eleanor S.

Dr Song is simply the Best of the Best! He had operated on me several times for neck and back issues and each time with very positive results Gif my money there isn’t a finer neurosurgeon practicing anywhere than Dr.Michael Song!

Robert M.

Excellent care Knowledgable Dr. Song saved my life Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Caring staff

Charles C.